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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This setlist was included in a scrapbook that also contained a setlist for a show at the Pyramid Club. As this page was not separately photographed, but can be partially seen bleeding through the Pyramid Club setlist, a majority of the songs can be identified, but three cannot. Two songs from the setlist were also seen in a mid-1980s song list given to the Don't Let's Start podcast by Bill Krauss.

On the setlist, "Rubber Guy" has an arrow on the right of it, pointing towards "Alienation's For The Rich," possibly indicating that the performance of the songs could've been a medley. The setlist has "Pogo Song" as the encore, this may be referring to Walt Kelly's Songs of the Pogo, a songbook that contained "Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow", which became one of the band's earliest covers.

The exact date/year of the setlist has not yet been confirmed, meaning that it could be from another show that has been left undocumented.