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Setlist: ("Plan B" (with Flans notes))


Fan Recaps and Comments:

The setlist included on this page was from a scrapbook and was stated by John Flansburgh to be for a 1985 show at the Pyramid Club.[1] However, a majority of the songs were written or recorded around 1982 to 1983, and on the next page of the scrapbook, there is a setlist for the Dive, which the band performed at three days after The Pyramid Club in 1983. A majority of newer songs recorded in 1984 and 1985 are also not present here.

Interestingly, the setlist is labelled as a "Plan B" and contains a bunch of one to two-word descriptions for the genre and theme of the songs.

The exact date/year of the setlist has not yet been confirmed, meaning that it could be from another show that has been left undocumented.

A promotional flyer created by the Johns in 1983, seen briefly in the 2003 documentary Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns), lists this as the band's eighth show of the year. A press release for the show described the band as "a clever electronic pop duo that illuminate the ABC's of motion economy." This is a reference to the book "The A.B.C.'s of Motion Economy" by Andrew R. Kosma, which was featured heavily in the band's early promotional material.