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So good[edit]

The music in this is incredible, but this is an interpretation page, and even though I've only got one thing to interpret, IT IS MY DUTY AS SOME GUY ON A WEBSITE TO DO JUST THAT.

"To change the end, rewrite the start."

I really really like this lyric. I think it's a really eloquent way to say "MAKE NON-TOXIC CARS SO WE DON'T ALL DIE", and masking mass destruction with poetry seems to be a TMBG theme from its earliest days (I'll Sink Manhattan immediately comes to mind). -j2

Interpretation 2[edit]

I honestly believe this children's song is not as happy as it sounds. Upon listening to the lyrics more closely, I have concluded this song is about kidnapping and murder. Only, in an electric car.

I believe it's about a murderer who gets the car, describes how wonderful it is, and insists that the children should ride with him. "Come on ride with me! How can you deny my electric car!" It's also in the middle of the night "On roads so dark" So the kid gets in, "So good, so far"

The kid gets killed.

"Electric car, Beside the tree, Way past the dock, Way past the sea, Electric car, Roll silently" He takes the body, parks next to the tree, throws the corpse off the dock into the sea, and silently drives away. Then the murderer goes back to describing how wonderful the car is, and invites another child in.

"Happiness resides in an electric car, YOU can even drive an electric car! come on and take a ride with me!"

Obviously this is wrong, but this is my interpretation.  :] —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 18:15, September 11, 2009