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Fan Recaps and Comments:


After the first song, Flans stated that they would be playing Flood in its entirety, but because the album is only about 40 minutes long, they had to play some other songs too, or else people would get mad.
Flans seemed impressed by the quality of the theater (especially the backstage) compared to other places they play. He also said that the battery on the bus "blew up" that morning, giving the bus a "poo smell."
Before Cloisonne, Flans commented that, at most places they play, the words "on the bass clarinet" had never been uttered, but in Boulder, there was "probably an act with a bass clarinet booked here tomorrow." He also said it was intimidating to be in a place where "people got such high SAT scores." Flans played most of the song while sitting on the drum riser.
Flans explained why Flood was played in reverse order, saying that in the old days (before "longboxes and shiny silver discs"), records had two sides and you "could hide the songs about how we really feel on the second side," implying that all the good songs on Flood were at the beginning. He also mentioned the age of the album and said "We know you have a choice in ossified alternative rock bands, and we thank you for choosing They Might Be Giants." Later, he mentioned something about their music being "difficult to listen to."
Flans divided the audience up for "Battle" by using a high-powered flashlight shined down the center of the room. He insisted that audience members (even the balcony) move to one side or the other of the flashlight's beam. The "people" side was declared the winner of the battle, although Linnell later goaded the "apes" side into another chant.
Someone in the crowed yelled out a request* during the Flood set. Flans said "we can't just play whatever we want. We sold tickets promising to play Flood." Linnell interjected that "we can't even say what we want." Later, they had a brief, vague political discussion inspired by Linnell's remark, in which Flans expressed some admiration for the Occupy Wall Street movement.
During the encore, Flans made a sarcastic comment about wanting to thank the opening band (who didn't play).
The Avatars segment included a mock introduction for Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and promised a "special appearance by Meg Ryan," including a Meg Ryan photo glued to a stick.
Before "Marty Beller Mask," Flans said that naming their "new brand new album" (not to be confused with Join Us, their "other brand new album") Album Raises New And Troubling Questions was a decision that was strongly discouraged by their "rock manager." He mentioned that the new album was available in stores, then corrected himself and said it was available "on BitTorrent."
Flans started to explain the "premise" of "Marty Beller Mask," but Linnell just recited the first two lines, saying that's all you really needed to know.


  • The "request" was "Play whatever you want!"
Flans said the new record was out, but corrected himself, calling it an album instead. He then went further, calling it a "bit torrent".
Near the end of the show, Flans thanked "the lady in green who's been freaking out the entire show".