Hearing Aid

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song name Hearing Aid
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Flood, Birdhouse In Your Soul (EP), Flood + Apollo 18
year 1990
first played February 18, 1990 (91 known performances)
run time 3:26
sung by John Flansburgh


  • Flansburgh in a 2009 interview with Rolling Stone: "The sonics of this were a real step up. Contrasting the genre-approved beat with the Arto Lindsay guitar solo and the vacuum-cleaner synth sounds in the middle was really just a balancing act to hold the listeners' interest. I remember trying to do some dub moves, but no one we worked with had any practical experience with how to do it, and it all seemed very tame, so we scrapped that part."

Song Themes

Addiction, Compulsion, Album Lead-Ins, Artificial Body Parts, Aversion To Work, Backwards, Coffee, Fade Out, Jail And Imprisonment, Medical, Misanthropy


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