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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Ms F:

In recent shows, it was noted that Flansburgh was fighting off a bug. Tonight, he was back to his usual energetic self, but it was Linnell's turn to be under the weather. It was apparent at some points that he was tired and a little frustrated, but he was a trooper. The show was fantastic. They played a number of their classics: Birdhouse, Ana Ng, Dr. Worm, Why Does the Sun Shine, Older, Istanbul, a fantastic rendition of The Guitar -- and also a number of tracks from The Else and 123s. No "Puppet Head", though, so I guess the only option I have is to keep going to their shows until I hear it! I am determined.
During the "hot topics" segment, Flansburgh asked for questions from the audience, and someone yelled, "Less talk, more rock!" and Flansburgh responded by playing some ear-splitting guitar riffs. My partner surmised that it was done as revenge. We did learn that Flans is partial to yellow, however!

A Moose Denied:

'Twas an a awesome show; they managed to squish so many great songs into the two hours! Noteable preformances were Take Out The Trash, Birdhouse In Your Soul, and Robot Parade. One could tell that Linnell was a bit under the weather, but he still rocked it. We also learned fron Linnell that Necco Wafers are the exact same size and taste the same a the old Connecticut Turnpike tokens. So, Linny may or may not have eaten a turnpike token or two in his day...


This was my first show. It was so amazing. Makes me a little upset that I missed them last summer when they were down on the seacoast. I will never make that mistake again. Where there is a show, there is a way. They played so many great tracks. I was pumped when they closed with Mesopotamians. It's unfortunate that Linnell was under the weather, but he still rocked.


This is really my first contributation to a page, so i don't really know what I'm doing. It was a wonderful show, my favorite in fact. This is saying very little since I've only been to two, however. Anyways, I have heard frightening rumors that this show will not be downloadable! I deeply hope this is inocorect! Any word? Please do tell!
Also, I just want to say that linnell was glaring at me the entire show.
Maybe next time I won't stand directly infront of him to avoid my head being asploded by the linnell death stare
It will not be downloadable from the site, unfortunately :( . But you can let the show live on in your memories!!!!! ~ magbatz 21:31, 28 April 2008 (UTC)