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Fan Recaps and Comments:

CBGBrocker22: This show was my third They Might Be Giants show. I really enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I ran late to the show and got there about 30 seconds before TMBG got onstage so we were in the perfect place to run up the aisle. We got to stand right up front near Flansy.

There wasn't as much between song banter for this show, but Flansy said it was due to the 8 months of touring, so they did a "Hot Topics" section and disscussed, among other things, Bear Stearns and Barack Obama. I was also dissapointed that they didn't play the Famous Polka, I've never seen it live yet and I overheard someone after the show who had gotten one of the setlists say that it was on there.

I was excited to see that TMBG played Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head, which I've never seen live before and is was one of my favorite songs. Also during the I'm Having a Heart Attack part of Fingertips, Flansburgh pointed in my general direction and sang it in a boy bandish, "Girl, you know I'm having a heart attack," and other boy bandy type things. Also at the end of fingertips Flansy held his guitar out and my boyfriend and I got to strum it, that might be the highlight of the show for me. I made of a video of the show and it's either at the top of this page or on my youtube channel here.