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Review by Ryan:

Lincoln opened, and were great, but they didn't play a lot of songs that I had been hoping to hear.
[New, I have no idea, something with "Daddy Long Legs"]
[Something like] If You Haven't Got the Money, You Don't Get the Honey
What Up
[Really cool song, with lyrics "Put the keys in the van to turn the heat up, man"]
Come On Don't Be That Way
I Wish You Were Dead
Then, after a short intermission, They Might Be Giants came out.
Snail Shell
New York City
James K. Polk [with cannon]
"You know, we're on the road a few hundred days a year, and the question that we get asked most is 'How did find such a sexxy, sexxy crew?'" - John F
Battle of the Planet of the Clowns
Just like Battle of the Planet of the Apes, with audience chanting People and Clowns. I like this version better, because John and John play clown music.
She's Actual Size
During the drum solo break, John F. directs Dan to "give em some of that clown shit" from Battle of the Planet of the Clowns. After the drum solo, they finished the song slowly.
I thought that this didn't sound as good as the regular live version.
With Lie Still, Little Bottle imbedded, and some new song. They turn up the distortion on their mics (John F. uses the mic on the stick) as they sing, and it's something with lyrics like "This song is dedicated to all the women we know (or maybe they're saying love)"
They never really finish Spy, they just stop after this song.
Particle Man
Meet James Ensor
Dr. Worm
John L. has some new vocal fills on the instrumental parts, but they made a drastic change. They took out the part where everything stops but John L. and the accordion! He does that part acapella now. I personally dislike it, as I thought that was the best part.
Shoehorn With Teeth
They introduced Dan, saying that the glockenspiel would be a demonstration event at the next olympics. After they played it, John F. said something like "It looked like Dan's hopes of winning the gold were dashed. Suddenly, it was time for the speed glockenspiel event." and Dan's eyes light up as he raises an eyebrow. They then proceed to play the CD shuttle version (they play so fast that they're not really singing the words, just mumbling).
And Dan wins the gold.
Ana Ng
First verse slow.
Turn Around
"For some reason, I think that the Spice Girls covered this song in SpiceWorld. I didn't see SpiceWorld. I don't know why I think that." - John L
Purple Toupee
"This is from our second album, and we just learned how to play it." - John F
They changed the key of the song just as John L was hitting the notes for the small keyboard solo following the guitar solo. I don't know if this always happens live now, but I've never noticed it before. I know they do at the end when they extend it, but this was in the middle of the song!
Spiralling Shape
"This is off our newest record, SpiceWorld." - John L
Everyone Must Conga?
A cool song they played to start up the conga line. John F chanted: "Everyone must conga. Everyone must conga. I'm not fucking joking. Everyone must conga." While the rest played conga music. Then John F explained the conga line.
No One Knows My Plan
The Guitar
During the breakdown section that is common at live shows, Hal was doing his thing, and John L had the mic on total distortion, and said something like "I can totally dig that bass!" John L holds the last note of this song down on the organ, which leads to the organ intro of....
Dig My Grave
(They leave the stage)
Exquisite Dead Guy
With puppets.
They Got Lost (fast version)
Till My Head Falls Off
(They leave for good)