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They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club began in April 2011 and has been continued in most years since then. The IFC, as it's commonly known, features recordings distributed under Idlewild Recordings and various other benefits, including exclusive physical goods. Artwork for the Instant Fan Club is generally created by Paul Sahre.

While it is no secret the music industry has crumbled to dust in recent years, we here at They Might be Giants are hanging on to the notion that our professional future is secure through the patronage of the Instant Fan Club. We are grateful to the IFC members because your continued enthusiasm, involvement, loyalty, and support keep They Might Be Giants focused on creating original music without compromise, exploring new avenues of expression, and performing live shows with world-class production. —, 2012

The advent of the 2015 Instant Fan Club saw the creation of a new site,, which has been utilized since for new signups.

2019 Fan Club[edit]


Regular Membership[edit]

Physical music
Digital Goods
  • Download of John Henry Demos
  • Live 2019 studio IFC streaming event
  • Secret music downloads from deep inside TMBG’s vault
Merchandise and other rewards
  • 2019 IFC T-Shirt
  • Holiday card from They Might be Giants
  • Instant Fan Club pocket rain slicker
  • 2019 IFC membership card
  • 2019 TMBG IFC Certificate of Thanks
  • Two mystery IFC guitar picks
  • Instant Fan Club motel-style keychain
  • Instant Fan Club Patch
  • Two 11” x 17” posters designed by Todd Alcott; his notorious Saturday Evening Post parody and the beloved “Science Is Real” poster

Expanded Membership[edit]

In addition to the regular membership benefits:

Digital Goods
Merchandise and other rewards
  • The Escape Team comic book

Super President Membership[edit]

In addition to the expanded membership benefits:

  • Your name included in the My Murdered Remains album as one of the Executive Producers
  • IFC Super President T-Shirt
  • IFC Super President coin designed by Paul Sahre
  • IFC Super President patch
  • IFC Super President key
  • Have your name entered into a lottery for one of six personalized, custom-painted ukuleles created by John Flansburgh

Additional purchases[edit]

The following can be purchased in addition to the IFC membership:

  • My Murdered Remains on CD and/or vinyl
  • The Escape Team on CD and/or vinyl
  • John Henry Demos on vinyl, and/or additional copies on CD
  • They Might Be Giants 2018 Live on CD
  • I Like Fun on CD
  • Lincoln on vinyl
  • The Escape Team comic book, issue #1
  • Sets of lefty guitar strings

2018 Fan Club[edit]



Regular Membership[edit]

Digital Goods
Merchandise and other rewards
  • An exclusive IFC T-Shirt
  • A set of They Might Be Giants “Lefty” guitar strings
  • An Official Fan Club membership card
  • A Certificate of Thank You with John Linnell’s band photo
  • A 2018 Escape Team mini-calendar
  • Four Escape Team temporary tattoos
  • An Instant Fan Club embroidered patch
  • A “You must be thinking of some other band” cling sticker
  • New Instant Fan Club button
  • Instant Fan Club tote bag

Super President Membership[edit]

  • Your name included in the I Like Fun album artwork
  • The TMBG Setlist Book compiled by Mike Buffington
  • Four Flood-era reproduction FLANS picks
  • Best of 2018 Live CD
  • IFC Super President T-Shirt
  • IFC Super President coin designed by Paul Sahre
  • IFC Super President patch

Crazy Super President Membership[edit]

  • Personalized ringtone
  • Steel-insulated thermos
  • Crazy President T-Shirt
  • A 36”x24” poster

2016 Fan Club[edit]


Regular membership[edit]

Digital goods
  • "Live in Brooklyn", a compilation album of TMBG performances at the Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • "Phone Power" download and artwork
Merchandise and other rewards
  • Light-up pen
  • An IFC 2016 T-shirt
  • A 2016 membership card

Super President Membership[edit]

  • IFC Super-President T-shirt
  • IFC Super-President certificate of thank-you mini-poster
  • IFC Super-President guitar pick set

Crazy Super-President Membership (new level)[edit]

  • Personalized ringtone
  • Sunglasses
  • Golf tees

2015 Fan Club[edit]

The Instant Fan Club returned for 2015 with an announcement in November 2014. There were initially 2,500 subscriptions available, which were meant to be available until January 5, 2015. All 2,500 spots were filled by December; however, the band kept subscriptions available for an extra week to make up for their failure to notify fans that subscriptions had nearly sold out. As the return of the IFC coincides with the rebirth of Dial-A-Song, the subscription is focused around the 52 new tracks TMBG will be producing for Dial-A-Song in 2015. In addition to the regular level of membership ($98) and the Super-President tier ($250) introduced in 2012's fan club, the 2015 IFC offers a third option "for folks on a budget", Dial-A-Song Direct ($30).


From the official press release:

As you have probably heard, 2015 will be our dial-a-song year. And the even better news is this year's Instant Fan Club offering will deliver all the Dial-A-Song recordings directly to your inbox every week, as well as collect all 52 songs on three amazing albums! Yeah! And, like the first two instant fan club offerings, the 2015 IFC offering is designed to deliver impossibly good value and exceptional exclusives for even the most complete of They Might Be Giants completists. And of course, all the shipping is free!


Dial-A-Song Direct[edit]

Dial-A-Song Direct subscribers will receive the 2015 Dial-A-Song tracks as they are released in 320kbps MP3. A new track will be emailed to subscribers each Tuesday. This is also a part of the regular membership level.

Regular membership[edit]

Physical music
Digital goods
  • 320kbps MP3 copies of each new Dial-A-Song track, as they are released
  • Access to a web broadcast of one of the shows on TMBG's upcoming tour in Spring 2015
Merchandise and other rewards
  • Two tickets to any They Might Be Giants concert
  • An IFC 2015 T-shirt
  • Two TMBG-branded balsa wood toy airplanes
  • A certificate of thanks
  • A 2015 membership card and bumper sticker

Members also had the option to purchase additional IFC shirts. As in previous years, TMBG anticipates that other rewards will be made available later on.

Super-President benefits[edit]

In addition to the regular membership benefits, Super-Presidents also receive:

Physical music
  • An LP copy of Glean
  • An LP copy of [[Phone Power]
  • An autographed, limited edition 180 gram LP reissue of Flood

2012 Fan Club[edit]

IFC 2012.png

The Instant Fan Club's second year was open to all 2011 members, as well as 2,500 new members, with a cut-off date of April 26. There were two tiers of membership available, regular membership for $95 and "Super-President" membership for $250. According to John Flansburgh, there were around 1,500 regular members and 700 Super-Presidents. In the 2012-2013 season, the IFC encountered major scheduling issues, and most benefits arrived to subscribers with varying degrees of extreme lateness.


From the official press release:

Like last year's first Instant Fan Club offering, the 2012 IFC offering is filled with exclusive They Might Be Giants recordings, merchandise, and webcasts. But this year we have improved it with a hand-painted ukulele lottery and MORE! It is designed to be both an honest value and a completely fresh experience for even the most complete of They Might Be Giants completists.


Physical music
  • In August: A 7" vinyl EP with new recordings: "Some of these songs might be on Album 16 in this form or another, others might be experimental in nature. We're leaving this disc open-ended!"
  • In August: A CD of At Large: Best of TMBG Live 2011. Formerly a download-only release for 2011 Instant Fan Club members, "it has expanded and is now being presented on a mastered, super-shiny compact disc, and the beautiful cover photography is by Mr. John Linnell himself!"
  • In October: A 7" vinyl EP ("SUPER SECRET, highly-deformed, multi-song") with IFC exclusive material: "New album outtakes, demos and ephemera."
  • In October: A 7" vinyl EP "especially for kids! This disc previews TMBG's next kids project on secret colored vinyl! Share the joy of vinyl with the next generation!"
Digital goods
  • Three top-secret exclusive webcast "shareholder reports" from the Avatars of They
  • Access to the They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club Tumblr blog
  • In December: Exclusive access to a webcast of one of They Might Be Giants' holiday shows in Brooklyn in December
  • In early 2013: A download of They Might Be Giants brand new Idlewild Recordings adult album on its release day
Miscellaneous items
  • A 2012 IFC bumper sticker, iron-on logo patch, guitar pick, and 2012 Instant Fan Club t-shirt in bright blue
  • A Blue Canary Night Light: "Folks have made us aware of this fantastic nightlight in the last year. We think it's the perfect item for any true TMBGer."
  • An entry into the Instant Fan Club lottery: "All IFC members will be entered in a lottery to win one of five hand-painted 'The Governor' ukuleles. TMBG guitarist John Flansburgh will personally paint the likeness of his beloved cat The Governor on five ukuleles. Judge John Hodgman will pick the winners, and all ukuleles will include a letter of authenticity signed by John and John and Judge John Hodgman."

Members also had the option to add the upcoming TMBG album Nanobots on LP or CD, extra IFC shirts, or, for a limited number of purchases, last year's exclusive EP to their subscription for an extra fee.

Super-President benefits[edit]

In addition to the above, Super-Presidents receive the following, copied verbatim from

  • A personalized, custom-made outgoing phone message OR a personalized, custom-made ringtone on mp3 by They Might Be Giants. Yes, these messages will feature YOUR NAME, original music by TMBG, and will be approximately 5-15 seconds in length.
  • Your name listed in the digital, vinyl, AND the CD artwork of the new album.
  • A custom-designed, limited edition 2" commemorative coin created by Paul Sahre from the Instant Mint. We can't ensure this 2012 Instant Fan Club Super-Presidents coin will increase in value, but we sure hope so!
  • A custom-designed "Certificate of Thank You" poster featuring photographs by John Linnell with graphics by Paul Sahre. The dimensions are 11" x 11" and it is full-color offset on good paper.
  • Your choice of either an autographed CD or autographed vinyl copy of Album 16 plus the digital download in mp3 AND flac.
  • A custom-designed, full-color, limited edition embroidered IFC commemorative 3" cloth patch designed by Paul Sahre.

2011 Fan Club[edit]


The Instant Fan Club's first offering was open to 1,000 members, with sign-ups beginning on April 4, 2011 for $80. All 1,000 spots of the club were filled by April 5, just 24 hours later.


From the official press release:

Starting right now Idlewild Recordings are proud to announce the very first official They Might Be Giants fan club—the Instant Fan Club. We hope you'll find this offer to join for the 2011 Season to be a real value. The package includes a couple of surprises that should delight even the most world-weary TMBG completist.

Audio downloads[edit]

All releases were available in MP3 and FLAC.


  • A download of the four-song Join Us preview EP in April, and a download of the full Join Us album in July. A vinyl pressing of the album could also be included for an extra $20 added to the membership fee.
  • A copy of the 2011 Instant Fan Club 7" vinyl EP, released in September 2011, and consisting of four exclusive new recordings
  • A vinyl copy of TMBG's Other Thing Brass Band (EP)
  • A "hand-numbered official Instant Fan Club ID button" and "cling sticker of the Instant Fan Club logo"
  • A download of the full-length live album At Large, released in January 2012
  • A pair of tickets to a They Might Be Giants concert of the member's choice—"and at the performance of your choice, members will receive a special Instant Fan Club goodie bag of mystery swag", which included a 2011 IFC shirt and a signed certificate of fan club membership
  • "Instant Fan Club Gig Alerts the moment They Might Be Giants shows, in-stores or media appearances are announced"
  • Members' names are listed in the digital liner notes of Join Us.

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