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The idea is to get a track listing of Dial-A-Song demos that the Johns would release in some official form. It may seem far-fetched, but we hope that if we get them excited about it and convince them that the demand for it really is great enough and present it in a safe and reasonable way, there is a chance for them to open up the TMBG vault and let these rare gems once more see the light of day in all their higher-quality glory. It's still in the planning stage and foremost is the brainchild of Lucretius, so we ask that nobody but him make big changes or submit the idea to the Giants until the time is right.

Suggested Tracks[edit]

  1. Tumbleweed
  2. The King Of Wingo
  3. Instrumental (Name Unknown)
  4. Rest Awhile (Dial-A-Song)
  5. Subway Token To Brooklyn
  6. Stormy Pinkness (Dial-A-Song)
  7. I Find It Hard To Believe
  8. The Writing's On The Wall - Half A Boy
  9. Free Bird's Rebirth (Version 2) - Girl Version
  10. Operators Are Standing By (Dial-A-Song)
  11. My Lone Constellation
  12. Sleeping In The Flowers (Dial-A-Song)
  13. No Answer
  14. We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime
  15. I Need Some Lovin'
  16. Welcome To The Jungle (Dial-A-Song)
  17. I Can't Hide From My Mind (Dial-A-Song)
  18. When Tornadoes Take Over The World
  19. We Want A Rock (Dial-A-Song)
  20. Birdhouse In Your Soul (Demo)
  21. Dirt Bike (Dial-A-Song)
  22. We Live In A Dump (Demo)
  23. Your Own Worst Enemy (Dial-A-Song)
  24. I Palindrome I (Dial-A-Song 2)
  25. What Is Everyone Staring At?
  26. Sally Boy Candy Bar
  27. Now That I Have Everything
  28. Weep Day (Demo)
  29. Somebody's Body
  30. How Much Cake Can You Eat?

Making the case[edit]

  • They will surely be skeptical of whether it will sell. We could tell them not to underestimate the size of the hardcore "underground" TMBG fanbase. We could easily point to the Internet as proof. TMBG, although not the biggest band ever, has many devoted followers who leave tracks of their obsession online. See the huge success of the Podcasts, which consist largely of rarities, of Long Tall Weekend, TMBG Unlimited (though I'm not actually sure if that was a success), and of The Else sales as well as the fact that there's some kind of wiki community tracking their every recording. Ultimately, lots of people are crazy about them and lots of people would love these demos.
  • They would not really want a financial risk. In other words, pressing CDs, getting distributors, etc. might mean taking some money out of their own pockets and hoping that they are reimbursed through the sales. So if they took out the bigger costs of production and instead released it online only, it could make them less hesitant to take a leap of faith and look into this project.
    • A CD release is obviously preferable to most fans, and we should at least let them know that.
    • If they make it digital, they should know that there is demand for this thing because we love higher quality. So don't skimp on the quality. Lossless audio is a man's best friend.
  • They are on their own label for a reason, and they do not like being second-in-command. We should therefore make it very very clear that we are approaching them as fans and this is what we have concluded we would want and what we have concluded would appeal to the fanbase best, but that the final call is Theirs and that we respect their having control of it. While we're at it, we could kindly ask them to pepper in anything else that we haven't even heard of, but hey, let's not push it.