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Guybrush is Ben McKenzie, performer, writer, game designer, ginger and TMBG fan from Melbourne, Australia. His favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus, and his favourite element is helium.

Ben is best known as a podcaster, being co-host of both the Doctor Who celebration Splendid Chaps and the Terry Pratchett book club Pratchat, and for the time travel radio comedy Night Terrace. If you want to learn more about Ben, check out his website at or follow him on Twitter at @McKenzie_Ben.

Ben's favourite TMBG songs include "The Mesopotamians", "Why Does The Sun Shine?", "Doctor Worm", "Where Do They Make Balloons?", "Science Is Real", "Ana Ng", "Cyclops Rock", "Snail Shell", "Subliminal", "My Evil Twin"...and too many more. If he had to pick a favourite album, he would die. (Though it's probably Apollo 18, Mink Car, The Spine, The Else or No!.) He's a bit behind on their newer stuff but is enthusiastically catching up.

He first stumbled on this wiki while in preparation for "BirdHouse", a charity night of TMBG covers as part of the Comedy @ Trades program in the 2007 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. (He has of course added details of the show to the Covers page.) He's been lucky enough to see TMBG live three times, and hopes that post-pandemic they will once again tour to Australia.