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Projects from the TMBW To-Do List that have been successfully completed and archived. Thanks to all members who helped the wiki with these initiatives!

Napster Links[edit]

I'd like to change all pages that use the Download Napster Template to use the Listen Napster Template. This new template allows you to link directly to a song, rather than a search results page. In addition, if you are a Napster user, you can listen to each song for up to 5 times each, for free! On the download page, we just need to change the "Download Napster" tag to be like this:

{{Listen Napster|play_id=insert play_id here}}

Here's the link to the Napster page for TMBG...If you hover over the track name for each song, that is the play_id that you need to insert. Or you can view the XML on Napster's site for the track ids: XML.

Users who participated:[edit]

Yahoo! Music Links[edit]

There are only a hundred or so TMBG songs for download on Yahoo! Music, but we've created a template for download. Anyone wanting to help, can go here to hover over a song, and get the songid.

Add this under the Napster bars on each Download page if Yahoo has the song to purchase:

{{Download Yahoo! Music|songid=insert_songid_here}}

Users who participated:[edit]

Run Time Cleanup[edit]

We currently have a lot of song pages that are lacking a run time, but Q-Bot has added a template to each song page without a run time, allowing us to easily find and fix pages without them. Clicking this link will show a list of every song that still needs a run time. If you've got a large collection of TMBG, or even a small one, don't hesitate to help add some missing run times. Note that getting the run times for some of these more obscure or Unreleased tracks might be impossible, but we'll try to be as thorough as possible. Sign up here if you're up for the task:

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Fan Vids[edit]

Move all video links on the central song pages to the Fan Videos page. In addition, we need to clean up the Fan Videos page (adding file size, etc.)

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iTunes Download Cleanup[edit]

iTunes has apparently changed their urls for the following albums. The download pages for these songs need to be updated to use the new itunes parameters:

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TMBG Info Bulletins[edit]

There's a lot of old pages from (now defunct) that we should probably copy over from These pages could be incorporated into the TMBG Information Bulletin Archive here on TMBW.Net.

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Real Rhapsody Downloads[edit]

We have added a new template for Real Rhapsody downloads.

Add the name of the album in lowercase and no spaces/special characters. If the song's name on this page doesn't match the name of the song on the wiki, use the "title=" parameter to override it.

Users who participated[edit]

Year Performed / Year First Performed[edit]

CapitalQ used Q-Bot and some fancy code to add the date of the first performance of a song to each song page.

TMBG Pages Cleanup[edit]

As one of the major sources of information about TMBG on the internet, we need to improve the content on some of our main pages. Wikipedia's page about They Might Be Giants has a wealth of information about the history of the band, whereas our main They Might Be Giants page is really just a portal of sorts. In addition, our pages on John Linnell and John Flansburgh could really use a complete overhaul and rewrite.

Users who Participated[edit]

Here Come The 123s[edit]

Ok, so Here Come The 123s is officially out. Got your copy yet? Well, if you have, here's a list of things we need on the 123 pages:

  • Video screenshots on the individual song pages
  • Credits pages (As a side note, we need credit pages for the ABCs as well)
  • Run Times (These can actually be found on the main album page - so, you don't need your copy)
  • "Sung by" (Songs without Singer specified)
  • Various missing lyrics page (A complete list for the whole site can be seen here)
  • Download pages (iTunes & Napster)

Users Who Participated[edit]

Crew Category[edit]

Here's an idea proposed to me (CapitalQ) by TDK on April 8, 2006- a Crew category on the wiki, featuring pages for each of the folks who work with/for TMBG. Good knowledge of an individual is required if you're creating his/her page.

Completed Pages[edit]

Rolling Stone Flood Articles[edit]

To celebrate Flood's upcoming 20th anniversary, Rolling Stone did a track-by-track interview with the band, to talk about the making of the album. I think this is great info, and would be great to incorporate into both the individual song pages, and the Flood article itself. Here are the links:

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Here Comes Science[edit]

Now that Here Comes Science is out, we need the following items:

  • Credits pages for all the songs
  • Scans of the discs, back covers, etc.
  • Screenshots from the music videos

Users Who Participated[edit]

Merch Store Downloads[edit]

To take advantage of the shiny new merch store music downloads, we added a new template to every song's download page and filled in the parameters for those that were available to download.

Users Who Participated[edit]

TrackListing Template Replacement[edit]

We are attempting to move away from our old-style where we embedded templates within each other. When we get VisualEditor fully functional, editing these templates and their associated data will be much easier. One of the things we need is for people to help us replace our old "TrackListing" template with a newer "Track List Header" template. Here's how you can help:

  1. Grab some pages that are still using the old TrackListing template. There are over 150 as of right now.
  2. Replace {{TrackListing| with {{Track List Header}}
  3. If there are multiple track lists on the page, or if the track listing doesn't start at one, you can pass the starting number into the template as such: {{Track List Header|start=1}} or {{Track List Header|start=3}}.
  4. Replace the }} at the end of the track list with the new template {{Close Table}}.
  5. If there is information on the screen after the tracklisting, you will need to pass "clr=yes" to the Close Table template as such {{Close Table|clr=yes}}.
  6. While you're at it, if there is a Purchase Table template on the screen, please replace the |} at the end with a {{Close Table}} template as well.

See here for a simple example.