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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was a pretty good show. It had fewer songs than other shows on the tour but I guess that makes sense for this being a sorta last-minute show. This was really a "Big Hits" show more than anything else. I guess that's better than a Flood show. A few recent songs that fans would know sprinkled in. Other than those two things, the show was great. Dan Miller climbed up into the bleachers during the solo for Damn Good Times. The animations on the screen behind the band were super cool, they looked like they were drawn by the same person who did the 50 Million comp. Ana Ng and Don't Let's Start were great live, can't remember if they played those at my 2018 show. Missed the "deep cuts" but at the end of the day, it's TMBG and I can't really complain. Had fun!

Its-a Mi-a:

So this was my first TMBG concert (I've been trying to get to one since January 2020, but we all know how that went) and I had a great time! It definitely felt a little thrown together (which yes, it was), but the energy was fantastic, especially from Dan Miller, whose bleacher-hopping guitar solo on Damn Good Times was absolutely spellbinding. Mark Pender was absolutely phenomenal, and it was a joy to see Synopsis for Latecomers in person. Hearing the Johns say alarmingly banal declarations in perfect unison was a highlight of the evening, as was Linnell playing the synth with his forehead, though it was a bit odd to be at a They Might Be Giants concert while a local hockey game took place right next door. But as Flansburgh said at the opening, "Ladies and Gentlemen, from now on, it's just hockey rinks for us. This is our dream gig!" I can't wait to see another show.


This was my first ever TMBG show!! The vibes were very unusual, like October's barely started, but you have a perfectly normal, un-costumed TMBG playing inside of a hockey rink in front of a bunch of dressed up ghouls, nerds and creatures of the night (including me). But that's OK! According to them, every song of theirs is haunted, wearing a costume and about being in a hockey rink. Despite the last-minute awkwardness, they still absolutely gave it their all this time around, especially Dan Miller when he shredded his guitar during both Damn Good Times and Istanbul. Amazing stuff. Also, I find it really funny JL said in a later show that the acoustics in the rink were atrocious, but I was back there in the audience crying my eyes out just because I was so happy to be there. By the time I'm writing this, I've only been a TMBG fan for a few months, but attending this show made me feel like I've been a fan my entire life.