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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Amazing show, as usual. Withered Hope blew me away with the Tricerachops Horns backing, as did Dr. Worm and the Guitar. Probably one of my favorite performances was Turn Around. The Chameleon isn't the best venue out there but it's definitely an interesting one. I was on a balcony directly above stage right, so I was sort of on top of the band in a way and to the side. I was there last time I saw They at the Chameleon, but I think it's interesting. I spied on the setlist Marty had next to his drum set all night. Because I was so high up, I didn't get a TMBG foam finger at first, even though the staff tried throwing them up to us. After the show ended, I saw two of them stuck on top of a PA speaker on stage, so I went down to the main floor to see if I could reach from there. I couldn't, but as I was trying to get them Marty Beller came from back stage to sign some things. Luckily, a nice couple of folks saw me trying to get the foam finger and gave me one of theirs since they had two! Long story short, I finally got a foam finger AND it's signed by Marty Beller now! Oh yeah, and Mr. Me wasn't played because they never came out for the second encore... That I was a little disappointed about because I wanted to see Mr. Me more than any song! Also, Moon Hooch was great. I would love to see them open for TMBG again some time.