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I am known around the world wide web most commonly as "altermanncam" which I think translates from German to "old man" Cam, which is my name, by the way: Cameron. (It's sorta just the username I picked many a year ago and it strangely became universal). I am native to Pennsylvania (Northeastern) and I still reside there. (It's woodsy here). I attend a local community college at the moment and am studying biology. I am currently 20 and will be listening to "Drink!" on repeat all day on my next birthday.

I owe it to my older brothers for exposing me to They Might Be Giants, for without them, I'm not sure how my musical tastes would have turned out. It was the late 1990's when I first heard a few TMBG songs. Mink Car was a record that was played many times in my household when it was just coming out. I clearly remember "Older" being such a strange and interestingly awesome song. From there I plunged into more TMBG, borrowing CDs from my siblings such as Then: The Earlier Years and Apollo 18. "Space Suit" was my favorite song when I was just a young lad. By the time 2004 rolled around, I remember having a little "Rio Cali" mp3 player. (I think it had a 128 mb capacity). I would fill this thing up entirely with just TMBG then ride my bike up and down my winding driveway while listening to them. I was on my fourth grade field trip listening to The Spine when I remember showing a song to a few fellow students. None of them seemed to like what they heard. From that point on, I said to myself, "Well, fuck these guys. Ya'll are kids that don't know better." As I got older I appreciated the fact that other people didn't really know or like good music. Especially TMBG. You have to understand TMBG to like them. I get that. There is only one other student I've ever known in my primary school career to like TMBG. He is my dear friend Vito. He's a very skilled trumpeter, pianist, and blooming accordionist. I play the guitar, so that makes me the Flans of the relationship I guess. We like to cover They Might Be Giants songs every now and then when we see each other. (It's hard now that he goes to college in NY). Anyway, throughout my life I just sorta always loved TMBG. I never "outgrew" them. I don't think that in itself is possible anyway. Their music is simply timeless and amazing. I would stay up late to watch TMBG perform on Conan and various late night shows growing up. I've always been jealous of two of my brothers getting to see a show in 2001 in Pittsburgh (The Electric Factory I think?). However, my first show came in 2007 at Mr. Smalls Theatre in the beautiful Western Pennsylvanian city of Pittsburgh. Since then I've been to the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA twice, and a show in Philadelphia, the latter made me never want to drive in Philadelphia ever again. So anyway, that's a weird telling of how I have always loved the musical stylings of They Might Be Giants. 2015 Update: ROCKED PGH @ MR SMALLS GLEAN GLEAN GLEAN GLEAN!

You can contact me on some social media. Skype, AIM (rarely on anymore sadly), Snapchat, Discogs. All "altermanncam". Talk to me! I love fellow fans.

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