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Fan Recaps and Comments:

  • An official soundboard recording of the show is available to download at
  • The band soundchecked "Can't Keep Johnny Down", the rockin' version of "Black Ops" (four times), "The Guitar", "I'll Sink Manhattan", "When Will You Die", "Call You Mom", and "Icky".
  • They were joined by the Tricerachops Horns about two-thirds through the show.
  • The show included the debut performance of "Black Ops".


Only two encores this time, but still a killer show! I loved hearing "I'll Sink Manhattan" for the first time since 1999! The new arrangement of "Black Ops" was a bit startling, even the fifth time around (as they soundchecked it four times to get it right). "Hey Mr. DJ" was stellar as well. I'll think of the rest of the things I want to say tomorrow when I'm less sleepy...