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Since no one said anything about this show, I will. The two times I have seen them in Pittsburgh, I thought they have played the best. Even though I am a (close to) Philly native, I went crazy during "Mr. Smalls." I just really like the song. A few of my East Coast friends made the trek to the "Burgh" When Linnell came out and said "How Yins Doing?" I lost it. I think I laughed to hard. When I moved here 2 years ago, and when I first heard "Yins" which is more of a West Virginia thing (I am a little south of Pittsburgh, towards the border, I was like What the hell is wrong with you people? It's bad enough they call it pop instead of soda.
Anyway, Great Show, again. I love what I now know is "You're On Fire" which I was calling for the longest time "The Oh Damn Song". Also it's nice that I was home in 25 min. so I could watch my DVR'd SuperNatural.....twice. Come was a Castiel episode!