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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was a great concert.
My friend Katie came up from Florida and this was her 3rd TMBG concert and my 9th. We arrived about an hour and a half early and there was already a line of awesome parents with their kids.
It was amazing to hear some kids music performed live. I loved hearing “Roy G. Biv” (Katie and I screamed out loud and Linnell commented that they never got a response like that before over colors), “Fibber Island (in Flansy’s “real” voice), “Meet the Elements” and “Bed, Bed, Bed”. The new confetti canon was great and created an indoor snowstorm at the TLA. The Avatars of They were very cute and very funny (one kid kept yelling out “You’re puppets!”) and I loved hearing them sing “What is a Shooting Star”.
TMBG is so good with kids too. Marty ran around during “Alphabet of Lost and Found” pointing to all the kids up front and even presenting them the microphone and Flansy held his guitar up to several kids, including one very young fan twice. The kids were true TMBG fans too. I didn’t see any of them move away from the stage and one kid kept yelling out “Solo”!
My favorite part was the end. Danny and Marty signed my ticket while passing out stickers (which I am very thankful for as they were very busy) and Flansy gave Katie about 200 bumper stickers. We got Dan Miller to sign our tickets outside, too. Then, we saw Flansy outside and even though he was packing up his stuff, he still had time to take pictures with the both of us and I am forever grateful for!! Thanks Flans!!
One of the best concerts ever!!


This is the best family show I've attended by far, I had a better view of the band than I had before in the TLA. Danny getting to sing twice was such a great surprise and Marty doing the Alphabet Lost and Found just made my day. John and John were just hilarious as always in their ways. The Avatars bit was just unbelievably funny even to a non child. They did an encore as excepted. Then after the show I got to talk to Marty, Flansy and Danny, and after they handed out cds and stickers. Then I had a nice dinner with people I stood with at the show. The only disapointments I had is they nixed the TLA song, and no Birdhouse(first non store performance I had without it). But this show was very amazing, and clips are on youtube if you missed or couldn't attend the show.