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My name's Mel.
I became a TMBG fan back in the 11th grade. My favorite teacher, Mr. Gagliardi, played State Songs for our journalism class. I liked the album, but fell in love with "South Carolina". I downloaded it and for awhile, it was my only TMBG-related song. As time went on, I rediscovered "Particle Man" and "Istanbul(Not Constantinople)" and Homestar Runner introduced me to "Experimental Film". I fell completely head over heels for the band and purchased A User's Guide to They Might Be Giants. By then, I was hooked (and so was my mom).
As of now, I have all of TMBG's studio albums, 19 records, and 10 setlists. In Elmer, NJ, I got to meet Mary Beller, who is really nice and autographed his drumstick for me. In Philadelphia, I got Marty, Dan, and Danny to autograph my ticket and I got a picture wih Flansy(who was super sweet about it even though he was busy). In Towson, Danny gave me a setlist when I asked (thanks Danny!) and Flansy signed said setlist (because he's awesome!)During an Asbury Park show, I again waited for Flansy, set list in hand and he personalized it for me( because, as usual, he is the greatest person on earth). At the Lancaster show on 7/27/11, I got my 9th setlist and my 2nd autographed Marty Beller drumstick! During the Asbury Park show on 7/30/11, I got my 10th setlsit and got it signed by Danny Weinkauf, Jonathan Coulton and John Flansburgh! I got to meet John Linnell in Princton, NJ, finally fulfilling that dream! I also had several of my albums signed.

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