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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Part of the treble keys on Linnell's accordion broke off during the first Space Suit, and he compensated by playing synth-accordion on his keyboard during the songs that normally used accordion.
Good grief what is going on with that accordion? Keys falling off on consecutive nights? --
He dropped it on the October 23rd show, that might've done it. --Lemita
It just makes me sad that he didn't get it fixed in a month. Instrument. Broken for a month. It causes me pain. Also, it didn't break off during Space Suit, but was missing for the entire song as far as I noticed. --MichelleMaBelle
Actually, guys, it happened on the previous night. Check the "Fan recaps and comments" page for the real infromation. --Zondry


I nearly freaked out when Flans said he was going to kill me if I put the video I was shooting on the internet. Best part of the show (for me at least)
Hahah, that was hilarious. -CapitalQtalk ♪ 03:00, 2 December 2008 (UTC)


This was my first time seeing them live (and my first trip to New York). I've been a fan since a bit before Flood came out. I missed them when they came to Montreal in 96. It was great to see them in their home turf and the crowd as just amazing. TMBG are definitely the best thing ever!


It was a very musical crowd--everyone clapping on the beat, occasionally doing backup parts as well as just plain singing along. Also one that had clearly attended lots of shows before, if the callbacks in Drink! were any indication. After the Flood and Apollo 18 shows, will we have to wait too long for Factory Showroom or Mink Car?