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Review by Dan McNevin:
what is that,42 songs, sheesh, i am tired, there was nothing rely new from what people have been posting about other shows, confetti cannon, stick...

although they did have horns, i dunno if they had that recently, and they did have the new song, which was pretty short, and not a whole lot to it, and which the tried to sort out before they started.. they also kept o referring to the name of the new name of the album as 'insect hospital' which is coincidently the same name as the record they said bar none didn't have the guts to release, because it was too heavy... after they played this 20 second song, which was flans using his neat guitar effect that sounds like the begining of metal decteor

a few thiings i noticed, ghrams amp lights are mezmorizing, they make this little arc, i couldn't help but staring at it, grahm also has a louder mic than both johns, and also grahm looks kinda mean when he sings..i'm sure he's not, but hehas this mean kinda old man kinda look to him when he sings.. and one last thing, linnell kept looking right at me, and it was kind weird, cause you think 'oih it'd be cool if he looked at me' but then he did, and i vcouldn't look at him, it was just weird, it wqas all probably cause i was the only person in the front row right in front of him singing and jumping up and down to every song :)

anyway, i'm real tired, and i have 2 more tmbg shows to go to tommrrow, and and yeah, that work thing too...

later dan