I Might Be Giant, Too

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song name I Might Be Giant, Too
artist Unknown
releases Unreleased, Dial-A-Song, Power Of Dial-A-Song
year 1989 or earlier
run time 3:38 (full song) / 0:56 (Dial-A-Song version)
sung by ? · Know it? Add it!


  • Recorded by an unknown artist as a songwriting demo for Warner Chappel, who in turn forwarded it to the Johns. The cassette had no identifying label.[1]
  • Though never actually performed by They Might Be Giants, this recording was played on Dial-A-Song and as a walk-on intro at some "then and now" concerts in 1997. In the middle of a 1989 show, TMBG played back the cassette of the song when John Flansburgh needed to replace guitar strings; he introduced it by saying, "You know, when you're in a rock band, you get a lot of interesting tapes in the mail, but this is by far the most interesting one we've ever gotten. Not really, but, it's got our name in it—it's kind of strange."
  • In September 1997, John Flansburgh told a fan that Deep Blue Something recorded the song as a demo and sent it to them,[2] but this would seem to be impossible as the band formed in 1991, years after the song was recorded. Deep Blue Something confirmed on MySpace that it was not recorded by them.

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