History (Theme)

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Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Alphabet Lost And Found - "On this fateful day in the history of whenever"
  • Countdown Intro - "Your five senses swell as you realize that history is not being made tonight."
  • Counterfeit Fake - "History wants you, they made a mistake"
  • Critic Intro - "Every once in awhile, a band comes along that changes the course of human history"
  • Don't Break The Heart - "Is history too much for you to handle?"
  • Finished With Lies - "Couldn't we just put away the ancient history?"
  • Reprehensible - "The record of my unspeakable crimes, in previous lives, in previous times, indelibly stains the pages of history"
  • Stone Cold Coup D'État - "But if history is any guide"
  • Who Are The Electors? - "In Article Two of the U.S. Constitution / The framers spelled out how the chief executive is chosen / They laid out the rules for elections / They wanted a system that would be free from corruption / The winner would be chosen by an unaligned delegation / Without partisan affiliation"
  • XTC Vs. Adam Ant - "Beatle-based pop versus new romantic / History will decide"

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