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Flans has writer's block[edit]

If one looks at the origin of the interpretations pages on they might be a wiki and the Giants discussion websites it's superseded (you're doing a great job) it was to deal with the lyrical surreal genius of John Flansburgh. As a kid I would listen to Put you hand inside the puppet head; Now that I have everything; Cage and Aquarium (I love that song) and the World's Address and try to work them out. Reading and reading the lyric sheet. It don't take so long now. Insect Hospital is lyrically and musically adolescent.

The problem lies in that although never short of creative ideas Flans had been struggling to have things to say in his songs for quite a while now. He's punched at the same weight (maybe higher) as Linnell on the kids albums as he's got his topics to riff off.

Lyrically on adult releases he's struggled to match the heights that he hit on those first two albums. When he does he's brilliant but it's quite rare. One song an album since 2001. Morrissey is a far more creatively terminal example, reduced to slogans where the deft lyrics once were. On Insect Hospital and the even more juvenile Black Opps he's desperately thrashing around trying to think of something to say. My solution would be to increase the quota of Linnell songs. Some of the gems that of been left of the main releases defies explanation.

(Mr Tuck)

I'm with Tuck on this one. It could work if it were 0:30 or under, like the other short Flans vignettes on the album. This way, however, it drags on and on, with an unnecessary guitar solo added near the end. Lyrically, well, I can't really say much. It's like literally boring. --Freakiosis 05:29, 12 March 2013 (EDT)
Huh, guess I'm one of the few that love this song. The drunk guitar solo is charming to me. Okay, not literally, but I still like it. --Jaydn* (talk) 21:18, 12 April 2013 (EDT)

Linnell wrote "Now That I Have Everything" and "The World's Address," not Flansburgh. --Tvfactoryguy

I stand corrected. Funny, it's harder to tell them apart early on. (Mr Tuck)

Quite a sniffy judgement to be made on a track that isn't even long enough to be a proper song! Flansburgh's later lyrics may not be to your taste, but I think he is punching at quite a high level. Maybe the problem is he is more often dealing with real-world subjects (state-sanctioned extra-legal activities, mature re-evaluation of a school bully, the lonely heights scaled by a genius, an alienated youth escaping home) rather than witty nonsense as on the early records. -- Thread Bomb (talk) 02:43, 25 February 2020 (EST)

Riff on Psychedelic / "Cream" style[edit]

"Insect Hospital" reminds me a lot of "SWLABR" and "Sunshine of your love". If anyone else wants to chime in with similar psychedelic examples I'd love to hear.

A lot like "Judy is your vietnam" riffing on the Who styles.

If Flans wants to include these on albums every so often - they sure are fun for me!