Lyrics:D & W

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D & W
By: They Might Be Giants
Year: 2005

D, look at D Half a circle, half a moon, an apple slice There goes D, Captain D My boy D, Commander D, the well-known D D's getting on in years so he moves a little bit slower now D is shy and doesn't get out of the house much anymore

And then there's W, here comes W It's double wide, it cannot hide its pride, it's W They call it W, big fat W It thinks it's king, its all-time favorite thing is W

(Spoken): D: W, you think you're so great. W: Well, I am pretty big. D: Yeah, you're okay. You're just not as great as you think you are. W: How come I never see you around anymore, D? D: I got this big TV set at home now. And I like to watch the sports.