1983 Demo Tape

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1983 Demo Tape
Demo tape by They Might Be Giants
First released 1983
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Tracks 5 (known)
Label Unknown, likely none Length 10:18 (known tracks) Next demo tape 1984 Promotional Demo Tape

Little is known about the 1983 Demo Tape. Its existence was confirmed by They Might Be Giants in 2008 via Podcast 32A, which included five demo recordings. Aside from "Now That I Have Everything" (Then: The Earlier Years) and "Sally Boy Candy Bar" (TMBG Unlimited), the first five recordings below were officially released for the first time on Podcast 32A.

The band has also mentioned other recordings over the years as being from their first demo, which may be the same tape. Those tracks include "Cowtown" (mentioned in Podcast 46) and "Cabbagetown" (mentioned on Dial-A-Song).

Neither the correct track order nor the true number of songs are known.

Released in Podcast 32A[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Now That I Have Everything 2:20


2 Weep Day (Demo) 1:50


3 Sally Boy Candy Bar 2:28


4 Hell Hotel (1983 Demo) 2:01


5 I'll Remember 3rd Street 1:39



  • Note: "Now That I Have Everything" is the only song for which the correct track number is known, as the band has referred to it as the "first song on their first demo."

Potential tracks[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
6 Cowtown (Original Demo) 2:23


7 Cabbagetown (Demo) 2:22




  • In 1996, Myke Weiskopf mentioned on alt.music.tmbg that the demo was given to clubs in order to get shows, and that Hilly Krystal of CBGB owned the tape, but this may be a different demo than the one heard on Podcast 32A.
  • "I'll Remember 3rd Street" is the first known recording of "Space Suit," which was rerecorded nearly a decade later for Apollo 18.
  • A poster from the 1980s announced a 10-song cassette available for $1.50. It's unknown if this cassette is the original demo tape, but the ad uses a similar image to one seen on a 1983 Dr. B's show poster.