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Fan Recaps and Comments:


The audience was pretty flat, I thought. Both the Johns were pretty direct in trying to get people going; by Clap Your Hands the audience was respectable, and by the encores They seemed into it, but I don't think we fueled them much. Good show, though. Linnell's impression of Burl Ives in the welfare line was pretty funny - "I see you took the same path, John" - as was the description of getting bounced from Coraline.
I am used to Linnell on the right side of the stage and Flans and Miller on the left. Just when I got used to the setup, Flans came over to the left side and screwed me up again.
There were a lot of kids there. Indeed, it was listed as all ages and I don't remember any foul language from the stage, so I hope the kids enjoyed it!
The audience video is up on the blog - here is the link to the YouTube, but feel free to remove my link and embed it here.


Actually it was a pretty rad show. I thought the crowd was pretty good. There was this one guy there who was like a cult member who pretty much had the most epic night and i got a kick out of him. Highlight was the fact there was a lady there with an oxygen tank.
So in the beginning, i enjoyed JoCo. He was a sweetheart. I dig his music and he did a good job. After him, i ran to the front of the stage so i was right in from of Dan Miller. Linnell stood in front of me during Puppet Head. Usually before shows, i have noticed, he scans the crowd and when he stares at you he seems to bore right into your sole with his eyes. It was doubley awkward cause I forgot the words to the song when he was staring at me. It was also funny because my dad's shirt was the same color as linnell's. But y'all dont care about that so anyway, Also during some song idk which one but i got flans spit on my face. that was cool. I noticed that Pine and Duende were written on the setlist i received after the show and I assume Pine is Old Pine Box, which they didn't play and Duende was replaced with Istanbul. I thought it was funny when flans did that video. I couldn't pick my face out in the video though and he cut the end off. The puppet show was fantastic since puppets are the embodiment of sexy. I was also surprised they played Battle for the Planet of the Apes. I was on the Ape side which was cool. I enjoyed them playing new songs, which i expected. I totally didn't expect Dont Lets Start to be played. The parts my dad liked the best was Free Ride and Crazy Train since he doesn't really listen to Tmbg but his fav song is Mesopotamians so he was happy that one was played. I like that they played Alphabet of Nations. Linnell looks so vulnerable up there without a keyboard or accordion in front of him lol. Oh also during Whistling in the Dark, I loved how the lights were turned off. That was ironic and clever. And in the end, Flans stood in front of me during istanbul and ripped his guitar. His foot was like a foot from my face. that was sweet.
I lingered after the show and got a setlist. I got the one from Linnell's keyboard. Then I met marty. Probably most awkward moment in my life. I took a picture, gave him an awkward fail high five hand grab think and then told him he's awesome and then he said that im awesome and then I got really shy and kinda walked away. I felt dumb but whatever lol i met him. anyway it was a cool night. Better than the last show i went to.
tl;dr: met marty, got spit on by flans, and ate a whoopie pie.


Got there from Boston fairly early and settled in. I had never heard any of Jonathan Coulton's stuff, so I figured I was in for a treat - and I was right! Solid performer, banter reminded me of Flans, but with more of Linnell's sense of humor. No wonder they like this guy so much.
After his set, I sat through the intermission and just waited for They to get on stage. First time seeing Flansy's new beardness. Not sure what to think about it lol. Solid performance from TMBG, but the audience seemed to love Coulton more. Flans posted the best video clip ever, of the audience. Flans said it was based on a bachelor's party he had went to where they did the same thing with the table of people who went, and sent it to the friend who couldn't make it.
BEST version of Ana Ng I've ever heard them do live. I seriously hope that recording gets out.