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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I know I say this about every TMBG show I go to, but this was of one the best TMBG concerts I've ever seen!
People were already lined up when I got there at 7:15. When we got inside, it was a bit frustrating because the set-up took so long and non-TMBG music played through the speakers.
Needless to say, it was worth it. Linnell seemed pretty happy throughout the show and both Johns made wisecracks throughout the show about improving their vocabulary and music from their brand new album, Lincoln. The Avatars of They made an appearance and put the audience in Puppet Jail. They wanted to sing songs from their upcoming film directed by James Cameron, but were strangled when they tried. It was great to hear "Everybody Conga" again, but I was right up front, so I didn't obey Flans. I've never heard "No One Knows My Plan" , "Where Your Eyes Don't Go", "Memo to Human Resources" and "Turn Around" in concert before, so it was nice.
At the end of the show, Danny Weinkauf was sweet enough to give me a setlist. After I left the club; My mom, two other people, and I waited out by the bus. We were lucky enough to actually see Linnell and Flans walking to the bus, but Linnell didn't sign anything (I understand why, it was just great to see him). Flans got on the bus and then back off it. I was such a fangirl that I yelled out "I love you!" and Flansy actually walked over and signed my setlist and my new friend's Indestructible Object matchbook. It was an awesome night!


My third TMBG show; it was pretty awesome. The wait sucked and the show itself was a little shorter than I'd hoped; but that's (probably) only because I want to stay there forever. I started out in the middle of the room, but when a wild Conga line appeared, I wound up right up close to the front. Got some kickass video for my iPod and I'm happy.