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Fan Recaps and Comments:


After the opening song, the Johns talked about the new venue. Flans: "It's very exciting to be here at Turner Hall. We've never performed at Turner Hall, but... not that many people have." The raked stage was also a point of contention. Flans: "the stage is slightly tipped towards you..." Flans continued with "This is kind of like, uh... this is kind of like one of our more complicated performance 'nightmares' to be tipping forward slightly You know, after the first, like, thousand or so shows, you know, you pretty much start showing up at performances with your clothes on in your dreams. And then, just more subtle things start happening, like the stage is tipped at a five degree angle." Later in the show, The Johns made reference to the Madjeska Theater accident saying "We're still a little skittish about playing on a non-concrete stage in Milwaukee." (Linnell)
My first TMBG show, and it was absolutely amazing! This was made an even better experience by the presence of Tricerachops, a brilliant horns section.


Some more quotes that I can remember from the various chatter:
before "Damn Good Times":
Flans: "This song is called Damn Good Times, and it's about damn good times."
before "Maybe I Know":
Flans: "We've got a very quiet song to perform for you right now. This is a song that we've been performing, uh, since 1982..."
Linnell: "Something like that."
Flans: "So you might wonder why we don't rehearse it more frequently."
Linnell: "You might wonder why we're still not 'nailing' it."
Flans: "Yeah."
Linnell: "And you are not alone in that."
Flans: "We call this part of the show 'Count the F**kups'."
before "Purple Toupee":
Flans: "This song is from our brand new album, called Lincoln."
They played the TV intro version of Boss Of Me, which was introduced as the "shortest song in the show". Not my first TMBG show, but my first TMBG conga line! Just a lot of fun, my favorite show yet.