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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was my first proper, full-length TMBG show in five years. I took my brother-in-law who is more a fan of live rock music than of They Might Be Giants. I think he was quite satisfied that both: A) the show was good, and B) They played BOTH songs that he already knew (both from Flood). And, it was a nice surprise that Harvey Danger opened.
Right before Experimental Film Flansburgh made some disparaging remarks about megabands who lure fans to shows just so that they can watch the band play on a large screen. He offered a nickel refund to everyone in attendance for not providing the same experience.
I was surprised to see that they shot the confetti during Dr. Worm. I don't know if this is standard now, or if it's just because they didn't play James K. Polk.
Phone Calls From The Dead with "Richard Millhouse Sagan"--alleged brother of famous astronomer Carl Sagan--was quite funny, complete with "billions and billions" of Saganisms.
Flans screwed up the first chorus of Damn Good Times by jumping into the second verse too soon. He just backed off and jumped back in at the right time and continued like a pro. My bro-in-law didn't even notice.
While trying to direct the conga line for No One Knows My Plan, Flans remarked, "We're not the Democratic Party. We can get this organized."
The horns came out at the first encore and finished the show. Flans seemed to be conspicously absent during Museum Of Idiots.
The second encore consisted mostly of Flansburgh pimping the new vinyl release of The Else, going into detail how much better it is than any compact disc. He incorrectly quoted the price at the t-shirt stand as being $20 rather than $25. After all that, they played Istanbul (Not Constantinople) and then the house lights came up.
All in all, I believe a good time was had by all, even the couple in the balcony that was WAY overdressed for a rock show.
[Note: Actually, Flans was right. The vinyl was $20. However, the Vinyl signed by both Johns that was at the top of the Wall of Merch (tm) was $25.]