Velcro Horns

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TMBG with the Velcro Horns
The Velcro Horns were originally an eight-piece horn section, originally led by Dan Levine and Jim O'Connor, who occasionally toured with They Might Be Giants. TMBG collaborated with the Velcro Horns to record "Too Cool Girls" in 2001 and again worked with Levine and O'Connor as The Velcro Horns for the Mink Car track "Mr. Xcitement."
Another pic of TMBG and the Velcro Horns

On July 1, 2006, a new incarnation of The Velcro Horns joined They Might Be Giants onstage at the Mohegan Sun for several sets of songs. The horn section was a 3-piece which consisted of Scott Harrell on trumpet, Stan Harrison on saxophone, and Dan Levine on trombone. Linnell first renamed them the "Horns of Babylon", then later on called them the "Towel of Shower Horns".

In the summer of 2007, another incarnation of the Velcro Horns performed at three Bowery Ballroom shows as a three-piece consisting of Stan Harrison on tenor sax, Dan Levine on trombone, and Mark Pender on trumpet.

In September to October of 2007, a third incarnation of the Velcro Horns formed to accompany TMBG during the West Coast leg,consisted of Bill Dowling on trumpet, Jim Honeyman on tenor sax, and Dan Levine, reprising his role on trombone. However, Jim Honeyman received a finger injury before the show on October 3rd and his place was taken by George Shelby.

Since mid-October 2007, a successor of the Velcro Horns is currently the Tricerachops Horns.

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