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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Like the early show, this show was full of new material from The Else. Not much changed for the later show except a few songs and the intoxication level and general age of the audience -- it seemed most of the people at the later show were older. An interesting thing they did at both shows was work out a way in which Fingertips segued into Birdhouse In Your Soul, replacing I Walk Along Darkened Corridors and going straight from Fingertips (Whispered) into Birdhouse. Performed again were the new live songs I described for the early show, Live Free Or Die and Phone Calls From The Dead, with John Flansburgh pretending again to be Eleanor Roosevelt but slightly changing his responses.

During The Guitar, the band got everyone snapping and they whistled the Andy Griffith Theme song. It was very surreal and yet wonderful.

I'm not entirely sure where the encores started since I unexpectedly succumbed to heat exhaustion partway through The Mesopotamians and apparently had to be carried outside for some air, so I may be wrong about whether Turn Around was part of the set or the encores. I came back in during the bridge of The Guitar and enjoyed the rest of the show, thanks to the wonderful staff and amazing other fans who were there. I know I didn't thank them nearly enough for their assistance! I've got to say that the Stone Church's staff were the nicest I've ever met and I can only hope the other venues have personnel that awesome.

John Linnell directed the band for the first part of the improv in Spy - Mr. Tambourine Man Medley before passing it off to John Flansburgh, who got the band to segue into Mr. Tambourine Man.