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Fan Recaps and Comments:

As taken from my post at the TMBG LJ community a year ago:

Last night I went to the House of Blues concert in Anaheim, as I'm sure a couple of the posters did as well. While I did not write down the setlist, I can confirm the songs they did play (In more or less random order), including all the new ones.

Robot Parade New York City Experimental Film* I Palindrome I Spine* ( 30-40 second song that segwayed into Memo) Memo To Human Resources* XTC VS Adam Ant Wearing a Rain Coat* Dr. Worm The Spine Surfs Alone (Part One)* (Introduced earlier in the show as a song that was to be on another EP) The Sun Song Ana Ng Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Spin the Dial (With a reocurrence of Carlos Santana's "Oye Come Va" throughout the entite show as a joke since they kept trying to play it and Flansburgh was the only one who didn't know it)

Stalk of Wheat* (Played twice, the second time twice as fast just for fun) Particle Man (With "Oye Como Va" as the tune to the last verse) It's Kickin' It* (New song, but not introduced at all) In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle Drink Au Contraire* Damn Good Times* Clap Your Hands Older Violin Birdhouse In Your Soul

Encore #1 - Bastard Tried to Hit Me* Fingertips

Encore #2 - She's an Angel John Lee Supertaster

I'm pretty darn sure I didn't forget anything, but if anyone was there and saw that I missed something, feel free to help out. I put an asterisk next to all the new songs, and please forgive me for having the songs (outside of the first, last, and encores) out of order. Either way, it was a great show, and the whole band was quite happy throughout.