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Review by Eric Lightman:
I went back home from college this morning to get a car. I left my house in Rockville around 6:15. Hit minor traffic on 495, and got to my brother's apartment in Towson around 7:15. He dropped me off at Recher around 7:30. The line was down the block, but it should be noted that the block was not quite as long as the one outside of the 9:30.

First, let me comment on the entrance system at Recher. When the doors opened at 8:00, they then split the line into two--one for ticketholders, and one for those who needed to buy or pick up tickets. For people in the latter line, they were granted admission after receiving their ticket. This was ridiculous, because people who had originally been behind me in line got into the club before me.

Anyway, I got in and there was already a mass of people assembled in front of the stage. Before long, I found my friend Sam, who was pretty close up, stage-Flans, so I went over and stood with him. Things were fine, but the venue got pretty tight around showtime.

OKGo is really growing on me. I actually saw the bassist in front of the club while I was waiting in line. I complemented the band, and shook his hand. I also told him that I liked his hair. He said, "Yeah, it's a headset." I probably should have bought their $3 CD. Oh well.

The concert got off to a bad start, as three or four drunk girls started making their way to the front. They were a pain in the ass. It got to the point where I was literally throwing elbows. I must have elbowed this one girl off of me at least a dozen times. Meanwhile, she was inadvertantly pushing me into the people in front of me. Some girl standing next to me told me just to punch the drunk girls, but I told her that it would get me in trouble. After about four or so songs into the TMBG set, they finally moved towards center stage. Someone else standing in the very front complained to security (during WDTSS), who in turn reprimanded the girls. They disappeared soon after.

I was really disappointed with the beginning of the show, because the set list pretty much mirrored that of Friday night. I felt like I had just wasted $20 (although not completely, because I was still seeing TMBG), and that I had been lied to, because on Friday night, Flans said that the setlist would be mostly different. To the contrary, it was mostly the same. Finally, they broke out with Spy, which was quite a relief. Cowtown was also nice to hear. And thank G-d they finally used the stick... I forgot to mention in my last review that the stick was there, but they failed to use it. As a correctional note, I realized tonight that "LIE" on last night's setlist referred to Lie Still, Little Bottle, and not Finished With Lies. They played the former tonight.

The crowd didn't seem quite as upbeat as Friday night. A lot less jumping and what not. I also think that there were more people who weren't too familiar with Their stuff.

Two items of note: 1) Dan Miller did an acoustic solo during the encore, which is always a nice touch to any concert. Reminiscent of the Friday night show at the 9:30 last fall. 2) Linnell did a thing where he had every guy in the band play the first song they had ever learned on their instrument. He played Let It Be while everyone else played their respective songs. At the end of Dr. Worm (the last song before the encores), he pre-empted "They call me Doctor Worm" with a few lines of Let It Be. Then he sang the real lyrics. It was awesome.

I got my orange t-shirt and four postcards on the way out (call me greedy, but it's now the closest thing I have to a poster). The OKGo guys were hanging out behind the merchandise counter and talking to people.

That's it. It was fun. I'd do it again. I hope to.