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Drawing from Apollo 18 promo representing the song

song name Spider
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Apollo 18, Dial-A-Song: 20 Years Of They Might Be Giants, A User's Guide to They Might Be Giants: Melody, Fidelity, Quantity, TMBG Clock Radio, Flood + Apollo 18
year 1992
first played December 30, 1995 (288 known performances)
run time 0:50
sung by John Linnell, John Flansburgh says the "Must stop!" line


  • From the tmbg.com FAQ archive: "Spider is the product of an idle afternoon messing with the sampler. Linnell did the voices, except for "must...stop!" which Flans added along with the cocktail bongos, horns and sound effects."
  • John Flansburgh further explained the song's creation in a 2003 Kittenpants interview:[1]
Our big collaboration is on the arrangement and production. We're too shy to sit in the same room and bash out a song, although it has been done. [...] We've handed off songs in various forms of completion -- tracks or sometimes just fragments -- or a lyric -- or samples. Spider was some vocal samples Linnell put on a disc and I put the track together from that.

Song Themes

Album Lead-Ins, Animals, Death, Kingdom Of Loathing Reference, Love, Nonsense Words, Problems With Liner Notes, Talking, Not Singing, Traded Tracks, Violence


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