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Review by Costellofan:
Great show... "Georgy Girl" sounded like they could've written it... Puppets singing "Exquisite dead Guy" a big crowd-pleaser... encored with "dig my grave" but they may have cut it short due to moshing frat-boy spring-break morons in the pit...Flansburgh screwed up a few times, laughing as he did... they mocked the nearby Alabama theater, exhorting the audience to clap along to the third verse of each song (as if attending a cheesy country show). The crowd tried to comply, but I don't think many there understood what a verse is, instead choosing to clap around the third minute of each song. All in all, it was just a dopey joke Linnell made and he seemed annoyed that it was taken so literally by the crowd... The opening band (Double Dong) was great, an off-beat, risque, performance-arty a cappella trio that amazingly held the crowd's attention with their shenanigans. Anyone know more about them? I can't find anything on the web, which is strange...