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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Holy shit, I was at this show. It was, in fact, my very first They Might Be Giants show and I was about 16, AND it was in my hometown within walking distance from my house. I can't believe someone actually remembered the set list. I wish I could remember the opening act, but I have no friggin idea. Anyway, it was a fun show, but I distinctly remember John and John seeming very pissed off the whole night and you could tell that they 100% did NOT want to be there. The Globe was a converted movie theatre that a bunch of coke heads turned into a music venue. For a while a lot of amazing bands came through. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones played once a month, or at least it seemed they did. I saw Helmet and Live there too. Okay, so maybe not the best bands, but when you're 16, and growing up in the 90s, you'd do anything to mosh. The highlight of the evening was waiting in line and seeing John Linnell walk out of the club, pretend he sees someone he knows in the distance, and runs down the street to avoid having to, god forbid, make eye-contact with one of his fans. Flansburgh didn't open his mouth at all between songs the, except once when he angrily scolded the audience for attempting to mosh. Then they both went on a rant about how they'd stop playing unless the moshing ceased. I understand, in a way, because people do get hurt (and they probably didn't want to be liable), but the crowd was seriously a bunch of teenagers who were trying to have fun. They seemed like grumpy old men. There was, at least, an amazing conga line that night. There was not, however, an encore.

Love, John Gambino