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Warner Music Group (formerly Warner-Elektra-Atlantic, or WEA) was the first major music distribution company in the US. The label is headquartered in New York City. In addition to the Warner Bros, Elektra and Atlantic labels, WMG distributes audio and video releases from Rhino Entertainment, Word Entertainment, Time-Life Music, Warner Music Latina, and Curb Records, as well as several other labels.

WMG was the distributor for most of TMBG's Elektra-era albums and singles in non-domestic markets. As WEA, Warner also released many promos and samplers featuring various artists, among whom TMBG frequently numbered. More recently, WMG handled the UK pressing of No!. WMG also co-created ADA Global, which has distributed They Might Be Giants releases in European markets.

TMBG releases[edit]

This list excludes various artist compilations and releases handled solely by constituent labels.

Year Name Type Market(s) Notes
1990 Flood Album AU, EU/UK, JP
1990 Birdhouse In Your Soul EP AU, EU, UK
1990 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) EP EU, UK
1990 They Might Be Giants Album CA, EU/UK, JP Reissues
1990 Don't Let's Start EP EU, UK Reissues (with altered track listings)
1991 Lincoln Album EU/UK, JP Reissues
1991 Ana Ng Single EU, UK Reissues (with altered track listings)
1991 Video Compilation Video DE, JP Secondary Japanese issue
1992 The Statue Got Me High EP EU, UK
1992 Apollo 18 Album AU, CA, EU/UK, IL, JP
1992 The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) EP AU, EU, UK
1992 Miscellaneous T Compilation JP Reissue
1993 Back To Skull EP AU, EU/UK
1994 John Henry Album AU, CA, EU/UK, JP
1996 Factory Showroom Album AU, CA, EU/UK, JP
1996 S-E-X-X-Y EP AU
2003 No! Album UK

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