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Turning to drugs to help you sleep
Will only lead to sleep
And sleeping is a gateway drug
To being awake, being awake, being awake again

That guy of HRWiki fame is on TMBW!

I've always liked TMBG, ever since I discovered their collaboration with The Bros. Chaps on H*R (abbreviations!). I've been to two shows, both at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle. I currently own Severe Tire Damage, John Henry, Flood, The Spine, Join Us, and Nanobots in digital form. I happen to share a first name with Marty Beller, so he is my favorite of the non-Johns, followed extremely closely by Dan and Danny.

My other musical tastes include Walk the Moon, Arcade Fire, Jack Conte, Pomplamoose, most of what comes on 107.7 THE END, CAKE, and many more bands. My taste in music is your face.

I hope that you liked my page! --SMB