TMBG Unlimited - April

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TMBG Unlimited - April tmbg compilation cover
TMBG Unlimited - April
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released March 30, 2001
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Tracks 13 Last tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - The Flood Show
Label They Might Be Records Length 27:58 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - May

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Sleepwalkers 2:42


2 A Shooting Star Is Not A Star 1:38


3 Finished With Lies (TMBG Unlimited) 3:13


4 Wicked Little Critta 2:11


5 Ram On 2:40


6 Chopping Block Testimonial 1:12


7 Oranges 1:09


8 Fibber Island (Demo) 2:59


9 No! 1:30


10 I Am A Grocery Bag 0:35


11 Wake Up Call 1:10


12 Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Why Does The Sun Shine? Medley 4:38


13 It's Not My Birthday (Live) 1:50



Official description[edit]

Hello friends - John and John of They Might Be Giants
We are happy to announce a release date for our new album is August 15. We are working in the studio this month and next with both the production team of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley (who we collaborated with on "Birdhouse In Your Soul" and other notable tracks off of "Flood") and with Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne. We are also doing a number of shows, including a special duo show with McSweeney's at the Bowery ballroom in New York on April 30th.

A Shooting Star Is Not A Star
Originally recorded by Tom Glazer for the album "Space Songs", the same disc where we found "Why Does The Sun Shine?" this track has always been a favorite of ours. Dan Miller's beautiful guitar playing is blowin' up all over this track.

Finished With Lies
This is a new demo of this song, with a fresh make-over with a tip of the musical hat to the Knickerbocks '60's hit "Lies"

Wicked Little Critta
Forged in the crucible of an eastern Massachusetts junior high, this song expresses the dreams, fears and hopes of a New England young adult. Remixed by the Elegant Two, the track celebrates the enchanting "old school" sound of the mid-1980's inner city even as it invokes the "older school" of early 1970's suburban Boston.

Ram On
When charged with the duty of covering a Paul McCartney solo track, we solemnly rose to the responsibility but chickened out when it came to singing the words. The result is another collaboration with The Elegant Two, and an extreme use of space echo.

Chopping Block Testimonial
Flansburgh makes a spontaneous testimonial, reaching out to corporate Americas web masters.

This country tinged jingle was recorded for the fantastic graphic and web design company, the Chopping Block for their current web site.

All the tracks below are previews of songs available on our children's album "No!" We are currently playing "Sleepwalkers" in our live show, to which you are all invited.

  • Fibber Island
  • No!
  • I Am A Grocery Bag
  • Wake Up Call
  • Sleepwalkers

These tracks were recorded at the studios of WFMU in East Orange, NJ, where we made some of our very first radio appearances on the Frank O'Toole Show. We thank him for his long term support and interest in the band.

  • Medley: Where Your Eyes Don't Go / Why Does The Sun Shine?
  • It's Not My Birthday