TMBG Unlimited - May

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TMBG Unlimited - May tmbg compilation cover
TMBG Unlimited - May
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released May 4, 2001
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Tracks 12 Last tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - April
Label They Might Be Records Length 22:03 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - The Ritz Show

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 All MacGyver On It 0:46


2 Mink Car (Demo) 1:57


3 Another First Kiss 3:06


4 Tigerella 1:51


5 Dollar For Dollar 0:24


6 Theme From McSweeney's Issue 6 2:32


7 The Ballad Of Timothy McSweeney 1:03


8 Mosh Momken Abadan 2:53


9 Even My T-Shirt 0:47


10 Battle For The Planet Of They Might Be Giants 2:04


11 Somebody Took My Eyeball 1:24


12 They Might Be Giants (1984 Demo) 2:49



Official description[edit]

All McGyver On It
This short piece is about problem solving in the contemporary world. Incorporating the colorful street slang of their native Brooklyn, They Might be Giants rapid-fire vocal delivery combined with the pounding beat of the Band of Dans creates a spectacular effect.

Mink Car (demo)
This song, written quite spontaneously in the studio between tracking other songs with Adam Schlesinger, is the demo version. Sharing the title of They Might be Giants' new album, coming out in Sept. 2001, this song is the traumatic story of a man, hit by a mink car driven by a guitar. His dramatic fall from grace finds his diamond wig being knocked off his head landing on the platinum ground, in a thru-the-looking-glass chain of events that takes the listener on an ever spiraling trip into their imagination.

Another First Kiss
Recorded with Schlesinger, this is a bold departure for the boys. Based on a rock song featured on "Severe Tire Damage" this track has been completely reworked, with additional lyrics, a new chorus and a mellow arrangement perfect for those "Quiet storm" evenings with the ladies.

There are some forces that cannot be tamed. And some things which can only be possessed at the ultimate price. ..."Hey, come back...I just need to talk to you"...In a world where the only game is getting and having, the one man who will stop at nothing to have what every man wants..."Here, kitty kitty kitty!" the one who finds himself...caught in his own deadly trap. "Hey... you scratched me." "Rairrr!" "AIIEEE!" Michael Douglas... "I don't know who you are... or WHAT you are... but..." "Meow?" "No! No! Jesus!" "KA-BLOOOM!!" ...In a They Might Be Giants picture...Tigerella.

These tracks are all from a unique project They Might Be Giants embarked on with McSweeney's, a fine literary journal that has just published their special "Art and Music" Issue featuring a disc of 44 tracks including 37 by They Might Be Giants. Many of the songs were written to directly correspond with stories or artwork featured in the issue, while others ("Bangs" and "She Thinks She's Edith Head") were used as a springboard to spark the imaginations of writers and artists also involved in the issue. This full color, hardbound journal and CD set is destined to become a collectors item, and is a must for TMBG fans. Available now directly, while quantities last at

  • Dollar For Dollar
  • Theme from McSweeney's Issue #6
  • Ballad Of T. McSweeney
  • Mosh Momken Abadan
  • Even My T-Shirt

Battle For the Planet of They Might Be Giants
From a bootleg recording of the New Year's Eve Show in 1998 at Tramps in New York City we find the Johns, the Dans and Jim O'Conner battling it out for musical supremacy. While Jim O'Conner is apparently the only man standing by the end, it appears that only the audience is the clear winner in this ugly and brutal contest.

Somebody Took My Eyeball
Originally written for Carole King, this startling excursion on the vocodor will leave listeners confused and horrified that the cruelty of the world. "It was the only eye I had" Linnell pleads through a chilling robotic voice-altering filter. Also from New Years 1998.

They Might Be Giants (demo 1984)
One of the bands [sic] very first recordings, this four track recording bears a fair amount of similarity to the final version that appeared on 1990 album "Flood" but slightly different lyrics, and a lot more "out" improvisation. Flansburgh's double speed guitar work has never sounded snappier.