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Fan Recaps and Comments:


As a relatively young person living in the UK, this was my first ever They Might Be Giants gig. I was impressed by the level of musical talent on the stage, Linnel and Flansburgh have a habit of writing songs so catchy that it's easy to forget about how demanding they can actually be to play. I though the banter between the two Johns was hilarious, I felt I was in the minority though, the crowd didn't seem particularly into it through the whole show. The Avatars of They appeared later on in the set, and played "He's Loco".
In my opinion the setlist was great, there was a good mix of fan favourites, newer songs and older songs that maybe aren't as well known. Rhythm Section was a good choice for opening song and got things going straight away. Highlights of the night for me were You're On Fire, 32 Footsteps, Circular Karate Chop (probably my favourite Flansburgh tune from Nanobots), NYC and Dead as it's one of my favourite TMBG songs and I didn't expect to get to hear it live.
The support band Wonder Villains were ok, a bit self-consciously twee for me though.
Overall good night, despite the awful bar and kind of weird crowd, 8/10.