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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was a really fun show with a very responsive and appreciative crowd (much better than last time out at the Koko). The vocals were a little low in the mix, but that didn't prevent everyone having a wonderful time and really getting into the spirit of the show. Great to have You're On Fire as the opener; and Birdhouse and Damn Good Times up early on.
As TMBG's back catalogue grows longer, so does the list of absent friends - for the first time I can remember, no sign of Particle Man, She's An Angel or Why Does The Sun Shine, among other regular favourites. But with a back catalogue as strong as theirs, that doesn't seem to matter - every one is a gem (though possibly The Mesopotamians is not the enduring classic it's place in the setlist would suggest).
Musically, they're as strong as ever. I hope they come back soon.

Mr Tuck:

Great as ever to see the Giants. However Encore 1 one was so weak. The Giants don't make the Uk often and with a back catalogue like they I found it annoying to endure Paranoid and the tedious Avatars of They. The main set list had a terrible extended joke version on Istanbul and a dire planet of the apes retread. Just play your good songs lads! Mr Tuck

Dr Raygun

Again we raced up into the balcony to get prime seats which afforded us a fab view and access to a bar that seemed to be empty of customers throughout the entire concert (I must add the old man went on the beer runs - I was having too much fun in the gig). This, combined with the fact that we had between us consumed 6 bottles of Asahi with our pre-show sushi meal meant that although we *both* (and the OM isn't even a fan!) had a fabulous time some of my recollections were a bit hazy. I do recall bouncing around to "Damn Good Times"and loving "Memo To Human Resources" but agree we could have done without "The Guitar" (IMO one of the lamest songs in Their repertoire), but I did enjoy seeing the stripped down/extended "Istanbul" which as I understand it was done in the manner They used to back in the early days. More beers afterwards while clutching my new Nanobots hoodie resulted in me losing half the feathers from my top hat and gaining an absolutely stinking hangover the day after. I'm really looking forward to 2015 and the promise of further touring, and I am hoping to make the pilgrimage across the pond to see Them in their natural habitat.