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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show included the first live performance of "Marty Beller Mask".

Dialsforme's take on things:

Great show! With the exception of the drunk couple behind us who decided to boo the Avatars of They, this was the most fun I've had at a concert in a long time. I brought two people who weren't fans, in fact were barely familiar with TMBG, and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Not only did the entire band put out a great show, but after working hard and pulling out all stops, both John F and Marty B came out after the second encore and handed out free stickers to the entire crowd from the stage. Thanks for being such a good band!

Reynoldbot's extremely subjective opinions:

Strange set tonight, but overall a great show! The setlist gives you a good idea of what the show was like, so I'll stick to some of the parts that really stood out for me. First, as this was a 14+ show, the crowd was really energetic, with lots of jumping and singing along and all of the stuff that just feeds into the energy of the band and contributes to a great show. At one point Flans trotted out a giant six foot (no exaggeration) poster and spent approximately 73 minutes (some exaggeration) extolling the virtues of buying one. No confetti cannons this time, which was a bummer. I noticed two microphones pointing to the crowd; maybe we'll see a live compilation at the end of the tour or something.
This needs a new paragraph: Battle Of The Planet Of The Apes! I've been dying to see this for the ten years I've been going to their shows, and it didn't disappoint. Flans used a high-powered flashlight to physically separate the crowd in half Moses-at-the-red-sea style, with one side being the "people" and the other side being the "apes". I'm sure you're familiar with the rest. I was on the "apes" side, and we won! Definitely the highlight of the night for me.
TMBG played "Marty Beller Mask" for the first time ever live at this show. Linnell broke out his iphone to look up the lyrics because he couldn't remember them. After listening to the studio version, I actually think the live version is better.
So this wasn't the best TMBG show I've been to. Their last outing to First Ave was much better overall, even if the crowd wasn't nearly as energetic. But if you've seen them a bunch of times (as I'm sure many of you have), this kind of a show would be a welcome detour from their usual sets. And I certainly had a lot of fun!

Nobod_E's memory of the show:

I loved the show! I've only recently gotten into TMBG, so I didn't know all the songs, but even the ones I didn't know were very fun. Everyone in the crowd (including me) was very energetic. They plugged Album Raises New and Troubling Questions a lot, which is understandable considering how close to its release date was to the concert. As someone else briefly mentioned, the show was 14+ (even though I saw kids who had to be around 8 there), so the set had a few kid's songs as well. The only unenjoyable part was how late the concert started.