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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Perspixx says

I can't remember everything they played, since a lot of it was from the two kids' albums we don't have. The show started off slow and definitely hit its low point around the middle with Roy G. Biv and Alphabet Lost & Found. After that, things got progressively better. During the Avatars of They segment, there was a string of James Cameron jokes.

Older really turned the show around. It seems a bit macabre to play it during a family show, but I guess little kids are too naive about that, like how they think that 80's 'I Want Candy' is actually about candy. I Am A Paleontologist was great live. After Doctor Worm, a lot of people started to leave before the encore. I guess they didn't expect an encore at a kids' show? I guess little kids don't get the concept, so maybe their next album should be 'Here Comes Concert Etiquette'.

Mrquizzical says

I thought this show was awesome. I thought that a lot of the kids songs, in particular Clap Your Hands and Pirate Girls Nine, had much more energy live than in the studio versions. They did a cool, stripped-down version of Why Does The Sun Shine; Marty Beller played synth drums on the track, accompanied by a crack from John F. about how most people hate synth drums but people in Los Angeles like them. (Presumably because we're all so fake! :-p )

I enjoyed the new confetti cannon, which shot multi-colored stars nearly to the back of Royce Hall. And the segment with the Avatars of They was really fun. Only quibble: it seemed like John L's mike was buried in the mix a bit, making it a little hard to hear his vocals. Beyond that, the band sounded great, with lots of energy...I didn't feel like I was seeing a "dumbed down" version of the band just because it was a family show. And to top it off, I got a page of TMBG stickers from the very hand of John F. himself at the end of the show.