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Fan Recaps and Comments:

A fun time for me, my wife, and three kids. Pretty good sound for an outdoor event, and the crowd just about filled the Green. Danny's new rockin' "Paleantologist" got my 6-year-old son dancing. Good job Danny! Flansy looked visibly tired toward the end of the set, and he did an admirable job coaxing the audience along, but for some reason, the audience didn't respond so very well. Flansy's charisma wasn't in peak form.

Well I, for one, clapped, stomped, and jumped on cue! I also demanded my cake, and I counted out nine pirate girls when I was supposed to! The audience around me wasn't so energized. Humph! Maybe it was better in the pit. And what was up with that barricaded VIP area?

My first TMBG concert, Twas excellent! Got there early and was in the very front! It seemed that not alot of people knew the songs, but my friends and I knew almost all by heart, and Flansburgh called us 'too cool'. Made my month!