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In "Why Does the Sun Shine?" Linnell couldn't remember the gases that caused nuclear reactions. Does anyone know the chemical symbols for Shamrockium, Lepreconium, and Lucky Shenanigans? Honestly, you could see him trying to think of them as he sang. Also, in said song, the Johns switched between "Scottish, British, Irish, and eventually Pirate" accents, none of which went over well. There were only about 4 audienceers (is that a word?) who weren't adults or 5 years old. The broom was going to go to perform at the "Fishbowl" after this show. I'll have to get his album... Flansy marked the show as the cildren's "first nightclub experience". Disproportionately sized bright yellow foam fingers were handed out! Yes! (antics ensue!)
Linnell referred to himself as the band liar, so Flansy explained "Four of Two" to the audience. They also said if they won the Grammy they would be hyped up and could make inferior music. wahooo... (but it's ok, Here Comes Science is fine! :D)

Izzy Palindrome Izzy:

This was the first show for me, and it was a bit weird being the only one there (,besides my friend and my brother,) who was not under 7 years old or a parent... It rocked anyway!
And yes, throughout the entire show, Linnell was spazing and lied. a lot. In fact, he walked on to stage with a cup of coffee. and Flansy said that the way we were all sitting down throughout the show was like a "big campfire." I love the foam fingers and occasionally whack my brothers with them. My Flood T-shirt is definitely one of my favorite things to wear, but the people at school just don't get it, and my dad thought it said "Loodf" because he read it from the top. oh well! awesome show guys!


This is the first family show at Le Poisson Rouge as I mentioned. :3
We traveled to the venue by public transportation.
I filmed the entire show there.

I was in the back row majority of the show that you can see the entire stage during the recording, so not a lot of the vids were blocking my view, but during Clap Your Hands, 813 Mile Car Trip, and Sleepwalkers, it totally blocked most of my view so I can mostly see John & John on stage during the songs.
Highlights of the show!:
  • Sleepwalkers!! Great ending for a concert!
  • The Tricerachops Horns joined the band!! Complete with excellent versions of several songs (including Seven, Particle Man, Doctor Worm, and Istanbul, they left the stage for the encore :(.)
  • Particle Man breakdown in the bridge - "Why Do They Fight?"
  • UK & Pirate Version of "Why Does the Sun Shine?"
Curt Ramm was supposed to be in this show but had to be filled in by Scott Harrell due to some unknown reason (if anyone knows, please tell me, and I'll appreciate it. :3).
The show began with Wake Up Call as an intro for the band members to walk on the stage from Stage-left. They started the show with Fibber Island, which was a a pretty good start of the show. Awesome lip buzzing ending, which was very funny. XD
Dan Miller headed to the keyboard for Nations, and then Flans introduced Dan "The Machine" Levine, just before Pirate Girls Nine. He was stood at the front of the stage throughout the song. Note that Nations was the only song on the set that Miller played the keyboard in this show.
After Pirate Girls Nine, Flans introduced Stan "The Optimist" Harrison, and Levine switched to his frequent instrument - that's right - the trombone. The played Seven and both horn players moved back.
During Seven, Flans harmonized during the "They're coming in now..." line, and it sounded a lot accurately like the album version.
Scott Harrell on trumpet, introduced, came on stage for Seven Days of the Week, but remained on stage for the next song, the other two horn players came back on stage for Particle Man.
During Particle Man, my dad had to hold the camera for me so I could clap during the song. The bridge section "Why Do They Fight?" was so funny. After Flansy sang, "It doesn't make sense...", I could hear a child laughing in the background. They finished the song off with a good ending.
Then to Apartment Four, followed by the eccentric dancing of Marty Beller during Lost & Found, then to E Eats Everything, which I am now getting sick of that song now. :P. They continued into "No!", I yelled the "No!"'s during the verses.
The Tricerachops when back on stage for an awesome version of Clap Your Hands, with another "Clap Your Hands!" section after "Jump In The Air!".
Hannah Levine came on stage for One Dozen Monkeys, and finally, they played it in the right key! But before the song, Flans asked what school musical she has done "two hours ago". Levine has tells the audience that her school musical is "Urine Town", who is in part of the repertoire ensemble in the musical.
They did a decent version of 4 of 2, which Linnell flubbed up some words to a couple of verses, which I was not expecting in the song. They went into the awesome singing of Danny for Balloons, all 5 band members can sing for now, yay. :3 It's just...awesome.
Flans broke out The Broom (which is really a puppet made out of an old broom), it was John & John on stage only for the next portion,
A short version of Boss of Me was played, then Miller began to capo his acoustic guitar for the Sun, they decided to do a "Pirate Version", which kinda sounded like a Peter Noone version of that song, but Flans sang in an awesome pirate voice in the song, what he usually sings in during Pirate Girls Nine. Linnell stated that the nuclear reactions of the sun were "Shamrockium, Lepreconium, and Lucky Shenanigans", what the hell are they talking about?!
They went into Bed Bed Bed, no confetti at the show because the ceiling is too low for confetti to fall smoothly enough, but I think the band is getting tired especially during certain shows.
Flans introduced the band and got the horns back on stage for the last two songs, the awesome Miller acoustic guitar solo of Istanbul, and finally wrapping up the show with Doctor Worm.
The band came back for an encore and everybody stood up for 813 mile car trip. And finally, the very best for last, they finally played Sleepwalkers, which I never heard live before. It was awesome.
So...that's a wrap of the show...hope you enjoy the videos.