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Fan Recaps and Comments:


What can you say that hasn't already been said? It was a They show, and it was amazing. Despite some slight technical problems (during the first half of Fingertips, there seemed to be a severe lack of stage lighting, prompting Linnell to improv the line, "I found a new friend / Under total darkness"), the boys played a kick-ass show, with pretty decent crowd support. Parenthetically, Lupo's was rather cold tonight; Flansburgh commented at one point that in all their years of playing shows, they've "never had to turn the fans OFF." They also said that Lupo's confetti (shot into the crowd during the pause in Older) was the best confetti they'd ever seen. My girlfriend and I snagged 8 pieces. X-D

Chi Meson:

Memorable stage banter: Flans several times commented on the poor treatment of "the Lizard People" who were behind an iron cage/barrier in some sort of balcony off stage left.

Flans: "We're not going to play the next song until the people behind these bars are SET FREE!"

Linnell: "Yeah, then we'll play the next song in protest of them NOT being set free, and then the next song ..."

Flans: "When are these people going to get a living wage, or at least drink tickets!"

Linnell: "Well hopefully the next song will fix everything."

The next song was "Dead."


Flans told a story about WDTSS being written by Sir Lies A Lot and that the information was from the Encyclopedia Shittanica, saying that they hired a consultant for Here Comes Science, leading into Why Does The Sun REALLY Shine.
The band complained about the cold, a recurrent problem at this venue, and asked for the KFC warming lights to be turned on... we had a glorious moment of heat and Flans said that we would all get free tanning and LASIK.
In Fingertips, Dan Miller climbed up on a very high set of speakers and played part of it from there.
During Particle Man, Flans came out with a drum, band broke into Elusive Butterfly in the middle, and then it was 'triangle man hates butterfly love'.