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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was my first TMBG show, and (I must say) I would have a very hard time imagining a better concert than this. Besides the amazing experience of just seeing the Johns live, I heard songs that I've never heard before, and songs that have become old favorites.
The audience was energetic (The Conga line had everybody, erm, Conga-ing crazily... Flansy was mobbed when he joined in [I think it must have been him, with his guitar. If so, I passed about 4 feet away from him...!]). I was also very glad to see that Linnell played his accordion for some of the songs.  :)
People were clapping, screaming, singing along, etc.
There was the confetti, from the confetti-cannons, twice, and they also handed out yellow foam hands, which I will probably treasure for the rest of my life. The encores were fabulous [as was the guitar solo for Istanbul (not Constantinople)], and I was glad to hear a duet by just Linnell and Flansburgh. I also officially found out what a subtext was. XD
They made several jokes about the time, and once announced that they were finished about halfway into the set list (it was almost April fool's day...). The people of Higher Ground, or just Higher Ground (as we were referred to) were,of course,terrified by reports of a velociraptor coming from New Hampshire. We also learned that they took the other night off to "swear in overtime" after their children's concert, and their performance in Boston with their parents in attendance.
At the very end of Robot Parade, John Flansburgh started to wish the members of the band good night "...good night, robot John. Goodnight, robot Higher Ground..." And the concert ended, and everybody walked out in a daze of "oh-no-the-concert-is-over-what-will-I-do-with-my-life-now?".
Overall, it was just amazing. I might have messed up some details, but that's my overall impression of the evening... probably one of the best experiences of my life.

Just a small friends and I noticed Flansy conga-ing with nobody mobbing him. I think everybody was caught up with the conga line, is all. So we busted through two chains to get to him, and I actually got to conga a person away from Flansy himself. I reached out and touched his shoulder, because, you know you would too. Also, "Get out of the way of the conga line, Jesus Christ!"