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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Great show! Got in when my brother snagged some free tickets and surprised me! (even though neither of us were Case students :b) Loads of fun, the band was in great spirits. Smiling and energetic. I got to conga AND strum Flans' guitar. Score! After Boss Of Me, the Johns commented about how their grammy winning song was one of their shorter songs, So Linnell wrote and played "Rock" to win another one (consisted of one chord on the keyboard and the lyric "Rock!") and Flans gave him a fake award for it. Lots of Danny on fuzz bass. For the Mysterious Whisper portion of Fingertips, Solder got up on the amp and tore in. And during the band intros Marty stood on his wobbly drummer stool and smashed the cymbals before jumping down and whamming the drums. Freaking awesome all around. Thanks TMBG! --Luke 03:08, 19 November 2007 (UTC)